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If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, you have a right to hold your abuser accountable for his or her actions.

Our law offices have helped victims of sexual abuse and clergy abuse clients to PROTECT children from the horror of sexual abuse by publicly identifying sexual predators in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, New Mexico, Hawaii, New Jersey, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Puerto Rico.

Our attorneys have worked with hundreds of sexual abuse and priest sexual abuse survivors for over a decade to achieve HEALING and HEALTH while regaining their power by prosecuting their lawsuits. Most survivors of clergy sexual abuse have tried to put the abuse behind them and, in the process, run from the memories of the sexual abuse. A civil lawsuit provides the opportunity for the survivor to stop running, turn around and run at these painful memories, taking away their power.

Even though pursuing a lawsuit for sexual abuse can be stressful, it does offer healing and ultimately better health in the future.

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